A non-threatening term used to describe a person who prefers guys.

Usually applies to a gay male, as an alternative to gay, queer, fag or homosexual.
Antonym: girlsexual
"Nah mate, I'm a guysexual"
"I think he's guysexual"
by eightball June 22, 2004
an easy way to define one's sexual preferences.
"actually i'm a bit of a guysexual"
by genderbender July 27, 2004
when you love another guy, but not in a gay way
"i love you man, but not in a gay way"
"i love you too dude"
"we're guysexuals"
by deano99 June 24, 2009
Lance Bass is a guysexual
by invert48 July 14, 2009

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