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7 definitions by Edizzle

When something happens that you believe to be sad
you see a dying baby bird
- my heart was crying when I saw that
by Edizzle July 28, 2005
Another word for Terrorist
Those BALALA's bombed our school
by Edizzle March 28, 2005
To want to get with a girl. Used because b2k has that song "Bump Bump Bump". This is like a code word that can be used so that other people don't know what your talking about
"that girl is hot"
"go b2k that"
by Edizzle April 18, 2005
Another word for Bullshit
That situation is so bulchoy
by Edizzle July 29, 2005
1. girls that everybody wants to hang out with, but they have better things to do, like hang out with hotter dudes who look better than you and go whippin it.

2. just regular chicks
by edizzle August 31, 2003
punk ass bitches who drink 40'z in parking lots and say "dissserrrr...stomach"
punk ass bitches hiding from the police with 40z in their pockets...M-Unit watching with blunts in theirs
by edizzle March 22, 2004
Another word for beer.
Pop those Pussies in the Fridge before they get skunked
by Edizzle March 28, 2005