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An artsy yuppie hipster with thick framed glasses and a track jacket that hangs out in smoothe urban ambient bars. He listens to trip hop, ambient techno, acid jazz, neo-soul, dj scratching. He sits in the cozy seats under mood lighting and talks to women to seduce them with his deep intellectual thought. He likes grafitti art and graphic design. He is not pretentious. loves sushi, trends, sophisticated metrosexual culture.
That lounge lizard is a graphic designer.
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
the slogan used on the tshirt ads on this sight.
the funny tshirts on the ads have the slogan the joke's on you.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008
see non hipster. today's 2008 hipster definition has flipped around. the hipster these days is the normal average everyday walmart/starbucks shopper. walmart is bigger than jesus. he drives a normal car, listens to normal mainstream rock and pop, hangs out at the mall and starbucks, eats mcdonalds and applebees.he lives a predictable and forgettable life. because punk and emo have become so prominant in the last few years. the normal guy is now considered the hipster because there are only a few of them left. the hipster insults punk kids, art kids, indie kids, coffeeshop kids, pretentious psuedo intellectuals because the preppy 2008 hipster kid thinks he is normal, average everyday, and cool. today's hipster is a college kid getting drunk from using his rich parent's money and whining about liberals. he is too passive aggressive to do it in person so he goes online to insult art kids, liberals, anything anti mainstream, booksmart people. he is showy with his parent's money because his parent's are rich yuppie hipsters by this definition.
Today's definition of hipster has really turned around. i'm part new definition hipster and part old. i admit, i like some indie stuff everyone considers pretentious and some mainstream stuff people think is too poppy. i shop walmart, starbucks and drive an suv and i eat at some underground mom and pop shop and hang out with artists and punks and conservative people. my favorite food is mcdonalds. i wear thick framed glasses but alot of brand names from Express and Addidas and the buckle. asics are my favorite shoe. i like underground experimental art and some mainstream summer blockbuster movies. i listen to heavy metal, gangsta rap, indie, pop top 40, punk, death metal, country noir, britney spears, broken social scene, classical music, film score, trip hop and neo soul, and rock. i graduated college and have money from a career in graphic design making mainstream commercial ads and logos.
by eazy-x February 15, 2008
The most misunderstood form of visual art. The passive art audience will say abstract art is meaningless because all it is is a bunch of meaningless shapes and colors and that anybody can do it. Yes, anybody can do abstract art by throwing paint on a canvas but not many are actually good at it. That's like saying anybody can make abstract noise out of a guitar, very few are actually really good at it. It takes a sensitive and trained eye to know good marks and good brush strokes and composition just like music. Just like listening to abstract music from an instrument. And no, not anyone could throw paint on a canvas and make tons of money off of it. If that were the case everyone would be rich and famous and there are very few rich and famous abstract artist out there today. Only people who were the first at what they did are really famous. People know nothing about this art form and still judge it out of ignorance, they haven't done a single bit of research and think they know everything about abstract art and what it means. I could say Jimmy Page is a pretentious hipster because he makes a bunch of non sensical sounds out of a guitar and I don't know what they mean. The purpose of abstract art is not always to interpret the meaning for himself. There is such thing as bad abstract art and good abstract art. People who hate abstract art are normally hypocrits because they whine about modern abstract art yet they go on to enjoy other forms of abstract art like it's normal. Music is an abstract form of art, beats and guitars, and sound is meaningless. Design is abstract where shape, color, form, composition is abstract. Compositional shots in film is abstract, there is color, space, etc. Just about anything designed is abstract. Look at a nice car that you like for instance, it's the shapes and colors that please your eyes. Look at anything artificial that you think looks good, it is still the shape, color, form, composition that pleases the eye not the fact that it is an object. A painting is still an object, it doesn't always have to represent anything. That's like me saying why is your car red? what does it mean? why are there different shapes on your car, it makes no sense. Look at all the buildings all around you, look at all the things around you, there is abstract elements that look good everywhere. Some will go as far as saying abstract art is actually from analyzing and object where the origin of the abstract is actually an object being abstracted. Also consider the concepts put into abstract art.
Dumb people think they know everything about abstract art just sound stupid because they contradict everything they say. If anybody could make millions off of abstract art go prove it and try it for yourself. go throw some paint on a canvas and tell me how far you will make it. are you as smart as you sound?
by eazy-X April 29, 2008
boring, anal, stiff, can't loosen up, hateful people. the conservative baptist are very uptight. people who have a one track mind.
the uptight people are a dud.
by eazy-x February 12, 2008
hatred exist on all levels
humans hate animals
america hates other countries
white people from different states hate eachother
the west, south and east hate one another
the rich and poor hate each other
people ranting on the internet hate one another
the left and the right fight hate each other
black, white and different races hate eachother in the u.s.
italians hates germans hates asians in america
germans hates asians who hate jews in america
religions hate different religions
different christian groups hate eachother
christians and atheists hate eachother
mac users hate pc users
people in circles of friends hate eachother
highschool groups hate different groups
family members hate eachother
strangers hate eachother
people with different opinions hate each other
people who are the same hate each other
old and young hate each other
outcast and mainstream kids hate each other
punks and gangstas and rednecks hate each other
hip hop hates r&b
men and women hate one another
different countries hate one another
different age groups hate one another
different races hate one another
different people within the same race groups hate one another
family members hate one another
friends of friends hate one another
different christian groups hate one another
atheist groups hate one another
workers hate non workers
harley fans hate honda fans
neighbors hate one another
co workers hate one another
husbands and wives hate one another but fake it
individuals hate one another
americans hate one another
friends turn enemies
politicians hate other politicians...
some conservatives hate other conservatives
indie folk hates heavy metal
mainstream hates indie
the list goes on
hatred exists everywhere you go
by eazy-X April 30, 2008
if you hate abstract art don't listen to music. all the weird abstract sounds out of instruments don't make any sense. they are completely non sensical. just read the lyrics, at least that part is the only part that is understandable. oh wait, i forgot words are abstractions of things also. say no to music. music is made by a bunch of pretentious hipsters and art snobs. anybody can make stupid sounds out of instruments, my 2 year old son can make a bunch of stupid noises out of a guitar and or make a bunch of simple beats like those dumb rap and rock stars. anybody can make millions by making non sensical out of an instrument.
abstract art is for pretentious art snobs that drink coffee. music is for fags who think they are smarter than everyone. lets all go to church at least they can answer every question to make the meaning of life and everything around it more accessible and understandable. lets all hold hands in a circle and love one another and understand each other's feelings.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
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