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71 definitions by Eazy-X

sing your little political song
buy your thought on a political bumper sticker
buy your thoughts on a political tshirt
state your political ideas on film
write a political related term on urban dictionary
rant politics in people's ears
predict the future and speculate about political decisions
sit on the couch and watch the news to get pissed
sit on the internet ranting political statements
argue safely from your computer
spray paint some political propaganda on public restroom walls
go to weekly events to reinforce your beliefs
rant some more....
email political/religious propaganda to all your friends and tell them to forward it
write a political poem
don't use money for any cause
hide your ideas in the metaphorical world
preach to your choir
curse at your enemies from your computer
make judgement and negative assumption about every group that is different
without having all the facts..
reinforce your thoughts in a small group of people whining about the opposition
tell everyone to vote for who your voting for
pass out political flyers in public
....bitch and whine, bitch and whine
....the odd shape of the land
spoon feeding pigeons
protest in the street with signs
nag and heckle in a crowd
heckle racist comments on youtube
don't take any real action....
be passive aggressive
slacktivism is fun, easy, and builds self esteem in a cheap way.
by eazy-X April 25, 2008
i'm wiping my credit card on my asshole
that way when i go to buy stuff i'll leave my
shit stain on the credit card machine after
it is swiped....
then when everyone uses the same machine will
get my shit on their card...
and eventually on their hand...
when they start eating food
it'll be my shit on their hands...
and into their fuckin mouth
my shit swipe is contagious
by eazy-X March 06, 2008
an everyday type of good guy. a good ol' boy with gimmick sayings to act witty. a goofball that is popular among some of the people. see psuedo-conformist. he is an everyday good guy who shops Walmart and is a giving person. he is not pretentious nor passive aggressive. if you're real, you vote mike huckabee. all the pretentious hipsters voted for ron paul and democrat. mike is caring and heart warmingly real. WE ARE REAL.
mike huckabee is a heart warming good southerner with real conservative values. We, the walmart people, are real, not fake poser like psuedo-intellectuals he may be the next president. mike huckabee is the people. mike huckabee is a hip guy. if he was black i'd call him a real gangsta.
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
the slogan used on the tshirt ads on this sight.
the funny tshirts on the ads have the slogan the joke's on you.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008
see non hipster. today's 2008 hipster definition has flipped around. the hipster these days is the normal average everyday walmart/starbucks shopper. walmart is bigger than jesus. he drives a normal car, listens to normal mainstream rock and pop, hangs out at the mall and starbucks, eats mcdonalds and applebees.he lives a predictable and forgettable life. because punk and emo have become so prominant in the last few years. the normal guy is now considered the hipster because there are only a few of them left. the hipster insults punk kids, art kids, indie kids, coffeeshop kids, pretentious psuedo intellectuals because the preppy 2008 hipster kid thinks he is normal, average everyday, and cool. today's hipster is a college kid getting drunk from using his rich parent's money and whining about liberals. he is too passive aggressive to do it in person so he goes online to insult art kids, liberals, anything anti mainstream, booksmart people. he is showy with his parent's money because his parent's are rich yuppie hipsters by this definition.
Today's definition of hipster has really turned around. i'm part new definition hipster and part old. i admit, i like some indie stuff everyone considers pretentious and some mainstream stuff people think is too poppy. i shop walmart, starbucks and drive an suv and i eat at some underground mom and pop shop and hang out with artists and punks and conservative people. my favorite food is mcdonalds. i wear thick framed glasses but alot of brand names from Express and Addidas and the buckle. asics are my favorite shoe. i like underground experimental art and some mainstream summer blockbuster movies. i listen to heavy metal, gangsta rap, indie, pop top 40, punk, death metal, country noir, britney spears, broken social scene, classical music, film score, trip hop and neo soul, and rock. i graduated college and have money from a career in graphic design making mainstream commercial ads and logos.
by eazy-x February 15, 2008
if you hate abstract art don't listen to music. all the weird abstract sounds out of instruments don't make any sense. they are completely non sensical. just read the lyrics, at least that part is the only part that is understandable. oh wait, i forgot words are abstractions of things also. say no to music. music is made by a bunch of pretentious hipsters and art snobs. anybody can make stupid sounds out of instruments, my 2 year old son can make a bunch of stupid noises out of a guitar and or make a bunch of simple beats like those dumb rap and rock stars. anybody can make millions by making non sensical out of an instrument.
abstract art is for pretentious art snobs that drink coffee. music is for fags who think they are smarter than everyone. lets all go to church at least they can answer every question to make the meaning of life and everything around it more accessible and understandable. lets all hold hands in a circle and love one another and understand each other's feelings.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
pennsylvania state treasurer budd dwyer
republican found guilty of taking 300,000 dollars
of tax kickback money in a conspiracy...stealing thief...
he had a press conference the day before his conviction..jan. 22 1987
it was a cold snowy morning..
budd's wife told him "just give them a piece of your mind, don't go shooting your mouth off"
before the press conference
budd thought he was going to get 55 years in jail...
people thought he was resigning at the press conference...
bitches just didn't know..
after a while of rambling on stage..
in front of an audience and a live tv crew...
people thought he was resigning...
he rambled about how wrong our justice system was...
proclaiming his innocence..
he said he once voted for the death penalty...
and now he regretted it because now he understood
that the justice system could be wrong...and an innocent man could be guilty for a crime he didn't commit
dwyer said life had been like living in the twillight zone recently...
he rambled on and on...sweaty and nervous..
he began handing out envelopes with his suicide note in it..
then he pulled a .357 magnum out a manilla envelope
people didn't really notice for a few seconds
bitches started yelling
"no budd, budd, no"!
he told the camera crew to don't stop filming...
he told those who would be easily offended to leave the room...
budd fuckin dwyer didn't fuckin resign
so he put the gun to his mouth and blew his brains..
fell like a damn sack of fat bald potatoes
yelling, screaming...blood pouring from his nose, any body got a tissue?
bitches don't know bout no budd dwyer televised suicide
he didn't resign to die in office so his wife could get a million dollars...
a million dollars to pay all his damn court fees...
his co-conspirator got convicted the next day...
the co-conspirator was supposed to get 55 years like budd...
but only got 1 year in jail....but it got shorted to 7 months...
budd would have gotten 7 months too....but he didn't know...
budd's televised suicide became a joke for the next 20 years..
everyone laughs at the suicide footage
kids in PA drill holes in quarters and call it a budd dwyer commemerative
he exploited himself...
the video is on "faces of death", "bowling for columbine", youtube, google..
a shock value enthusiast novelty
everybody laughs at the video of budd having oral sex with a .357 magnum
budd dwyer is only known for his shocking televised suicide footage.
by eazy-x December 27, 2007