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Literally, "a thousand pardons." A geeky form of apology that is nominally three orders of magnitude better than a simple, "I'm sorry." Kilopology is the most commonly used SI-unitized solicitation of forgiveness; others include "megapology" (offered in matters of sexual infidelity), "gigapology" (offered in matters of accidentally killing a little girl's pet pony), and terapology (offered when destroying worlds). Antonyms: millipology (i.e., not really giving a shit) & picopology (i.e., not even giving a fart).
Dude! I didn't mean to spill your beer. A kilopology and refill are in order.
by ET_Bill March 18, 2010
Unsuccessful pursuit or venture incorporating an over reliance upon state-of-the-market technologies and gadgetry instead of the safer, more reliable, "Keep It Simple, Stupid" (KISS) philosophy. Epic technology fail.
Terry: This Firebird X guitar has so many switches and knobs and settings... I just can't understand how to use all $6,000 of its robotic multiprocessing awesomeness.

Terry's Dad: Son, them boys just got bit by the high tech dumbass. Here, try my '64 Gibson ES-120...
by ET_Bill January 11, 2012
(a) Stone cold sober
(b) Designated driver who happens to own a Volkswagen vehicle
Him: Are you at all interested in a hook up, fräulein?
Her: No, I'm Farfromdrunken.
by ET_Bill January 07, 2012

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