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1) The act of, relating to, or given to walking about;
2) Moving or traveling from place to place to freekin place;
3) Snooking around touching every damned thing around;
4) Cant sit still or settle down; and
5) Constantly, without rest, surveying, reconing, and otherwise annoying the hell out of everyone by any of the above actions.

1) Your two year old is is a damned Itinerant, he just cant sit still and is always ge'in into shit.

2) What an Itinerant, Billy Ho is all up in the bitches: hitt'in them here -- Tapp'in that ass there....
by Biatch551 December 31, 2005
a posh name for a nacker
get off my land you filthy itinerant
by yar muddar July 12, 2006
Native to australia
(waste of space, GAY, take advantage of the dol by takin the money and BUYING BEER WINE ANY ALCOHOL! The tax payers money goes towards it, the itinerants just waste it on ALCOHOL! or maybe cigarrets if they are SOBER! and they do FUCK all! :@
" eh maaaaate you got 2 dollar? i need it for gunja/cigarrets/beer etc"
by tom za bomb March 20, 2004
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