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When Google doesn't deliver your messages
You never got the party invite? I sent out a calendar update.

by DrWex August 14, 2008
That time at a party when the straight girls get drunk enough to start kissing each other.
Too bad I left before girlkissing o'clock - I would have liked to see those two trying it.
by DrWex February 12, 2009
Sarcastic name for someone like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who carries an explosive device in his shorts.
DHS's Napolitano's response to the crotchbomber: "We're looking to make sure that this sort of incident cannot recur."
by DrWex December 29, 2009
A person who uses his position of power or trust to commit large-scale financial fraud.
You shouldn't expect regulators to catch bigtime financiopaths like Bernie Madoff - that's not how the world works.
by DrWex January 05, 2009
Change in address, phone number, IM, or other contact details. Originates in the programmer community where a "pointer" is something that tells you where to look for the real information.
I got a new cell phone and have to send everyone a pointer update so they don't call the old number.
by DrWex January 06, 2009

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