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stick a sock over your boner and then stand in front of a lamp and cast a shadow monk
on the wall
I broke up the party vibe by sporting a shadow monk in front of my
best friend's Mom.
by Dr. Simulacra October 09, 2013
a sock to pop-off into during beat time to save money on tissue paper in these harsh economic conditions...
I was in the middle of my own private rodeo when I felt the urge to explode coming on so I grabbed my jack-it jacket just in time.
by Dr. Simulacra October 09, 2013
the way Larry David imagines black people say the word "ejaculate" in the tv series Curb Your Enthusiasm
someone sat down in a puddle of my ejacalit after I watched the new Carmen Electra pilates video
by Dr. Simulacra October 15, 2013
Theory of Everything (ToE) is the point in quantum theory Level 4 where the entire data set of everything ever known to exist is resolved in a simple equation: Life = Zero or One (depending on the size of your shaft)
I was bummed out when I my wife died, but then I read about Theory of Everything in hustler magazine.
by Dr. Simulacra October 14, 2013
when a dude shits in a girls snatch and then turns all melancholy about how absurdly incomprehensible the existence of God is...
I had to laugh after my dirty kierkegaard, though it was bittersweet.
by Dr. Simulacra October 14, 2013
is the yeeter's best friend and sidekick
every yeeter has a beeter like peanut butter and jelly
by Dr. Simulacra October 15, 2013
writing in a stream of consciousness free verse while tweaked up on any kind of narcotic substance organic synthetic or otherwise until the path of words ends in symbolic chaos and absolute nonsense...

an intentional form of writing that seeks to challenge the assumptions between writer and reader that support traditional channels of communication...
I aim to shake the world awake from hypnotic enslavement to a dead language through wordsmash.
by Dr. Simulacra October 09, 2013

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