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1. The Pink Floyd of Funk.

2. What the UK calls their collective of legislators.
I'll bet the members of Parliament never listen to Parliament.
by Downstrike May 29, 2004
What people will call you next if you ignore them when they call you sir and do as you damn well please.
Sir, you can't go in there.

You can't go in there, sir!


Hey You!
by Downstrike October 30, 2004
Proper form: The Watchtower.

A Bible-based magazine published by Jehovah's Witnesses. It, and all associated publications are supported by donations, so they are available without cost.
The Watchtower is published by a non-profit organization, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. "Watchtower" has never been the name of a religion.
by Downstrike July 10, 2004
A holiday featuring fertility symbols such as eggs, rabbits, and maidens dressed in white that pagans celebrate, named in honor of the godess of fertility known as Eostre, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Vishnu, Venus, etc. depending on when and where the pagan is from.

Nowadays, most of the pagans pretend that Easter has something to do with Jesus so they can pretend to be Christians. They've already given Christendom such a bad name doing things like this that it isn't even worth their effort to pretend to be Christian any more, so they only continue the custom out of habit.
I prefer honest pagans and Real True Christians to those who pretend Easter has something to do with Jesus.
by Downstrike May 24, 2004
Literal meanings:

1. N., A roadway paved with a track made of rails, upon which locomotives push or pull a train of cars or trailers carrying people or freight.

2. Adj., Pertaining to such a roadway or the trains that travel upon it.

3. N., The industry of transporting people or freight by rail, or one or more of the companies within that industry.

4. Adj., Pertaining to that industry.

5. V., Transport upon a railroad.

Slang meanings:

1. V., to coerce, trick, or seduce others into a course of action that they would not otherwise choose. This includes, but is not limited to, specifically sexual situations.

2. N., Eleven, as if the two parallel numerals were the rails of a railroad track.
Literal: Southern Pacific (3) railroad's old (2) railroad cars can still be found along abandoned stretches of (1) railroad, because the industry can't be bothered to (5) railroad them to (4) railroad stations.


1. Popular culture isn't going to be railroaded into adopting a narrow-mindedly specific sexual situation as the definition of railroad simply because someone described his favorite life experience as an UrbanDictionary definition.

2. We use the 802-railroad-G wireless protocol. (See WAP and 802.11g.)
by Downstrike October 06, 2005
1. Avid (1) interest or (2) involvement.
1. Sorry, but I'm not into that.

2. Assuming that both parties are into it, intimacy is the one time when peeps like to have their personal space invaded.
by Downstrike May 19, 2005
1. Psychologically induced, irrational fear of something that should not be all that scary.

2. In common usage, phobia is nothing more than something to accuse others of having when one wants to discount their opinions and be excused to behave in a way that they think is wrong.
You shouldn't do that!
Fraidy cat!

1990s to present:
That's disgusting!
Don't tell me you have a phobia!
by Downstrike October 24, 2004

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