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Taken from Star Trek: TNG where Picard is always telling Number One to Make It So.

1. Go ahead and do it.

2. Enough talk, do it already.

3. Answering to the affirmative.
"Hey, I was wondering if I can try leading the meeting today?"
"Make it so, Number One"

"Can I go out for lunch?"
"Make it so, Number One"

"Can I go out for go to the bathroom?"
"Make it so, Number One"

"Can I reboot the server?"
"Make it so, Number One"
by Douggles May 22, 2006
Contraction of "shall not".

Also spelled shan't.
I shall not buy milk.

I shant buy milk.
by Douggles February 03, 2010
Smoother than butter.

Slicker than butter.

Slipperier than butter.

A graceful or easy occurrence.
The pilot eased the plane in for landing like wet butter.

The aptitude test went as smooth as wet butter.
by Douggles June 15, 2009
Obscenely complicated, awkward, unintuitive, or unusable.
Windows Mobile 7 is so fricking slow and conflagregated.
by Douggles May 06, 2008

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