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charge with a crime by the police
if he don't quit he's going to catch a case
by George Courtney February 25, 2004
Catching feelings.
You're going to catch a case of you keep fucking with laqueefa.
by Skeechwattimbo December 03, 2015
To physically assault someone. To attack physically, barehanded or with a dangerous weapon.
Ron gripped the handle of his cane sword, saying "both of y'all better leave this place," as he slowly unsheathed the blade "or I just may have to catch a case!"
by The World 2 May 31, 2007
this is used by mostly black people when they are bout to fight
girl im bout to catch a case!!!
by itty bitty August 04, 2005
A term used when you meet a hot girl at a bar or a club(thinking she is 21 due to the circumstances, but she is only 16). Proceed to go back to her place and have intimate relations, but wake to find an Enraged Father and the police. Usually results in around 10-20 years and the sex offender registration process(due to the fact you have been convicted as a child molestation). In laymands terms
Andrew: Hey that lil' young bitch over there is hot.

Mike: Yah, I am gonna have to "catch a case" tonight.
by Michael Forrest (Big Mike) June 06, 2006
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