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ghetto name for West Chester PA
"Reppin the Dub C nigguh!"
by Doobie April 25, 2003
The place where 67 juniors went on a their junior class trip in may 2003 to Montreal, and instead of being good little boys and girls they went out to strip clubs, bars, and gambled.
The Junior class of 2003 screwed up any chance of any following grades getting having a class trip.
by Doobie June 01, 2003
abbrev. a "mother fucker"
who is the m.f. who stole my bagel?
by Doobie March 22, 2004
Complete waste of time
by Doobie March 03, 2003
someone with a huge damn forehead that overhangs like a balcony. short for cro-magnon man.
that magnon is the missing link between apes and humans.
by Doobie March 22, 2004
When a dick is so big that she puts on a face that says you better not put that where i think your gonna put that
When i took out my 13 inch cock Laura had become suddenly cockophobic
by Doobie June 01, 2003
A little boy with a mullet.

Has a voice of a 9 year old.
He hasn't hit puberty yet he's so a cheesedog
by Doobie April 01, 2005
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