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Any triumvirate that is wacky in nature and bumbles a lot.
The Dark Wings from the Tales series are a prime example of Gubba, Yubba & Schmubbly-Bubbly
by DoodooMan February 14, 2008
A mixture of illegal drugs. It is made of: Opium, Ecstacy, Coke, Marijuana, Nembutal, PCP, LSD and Speed diluted in the oil of mushroooms. It is kept in a bottle, but one does not drink it; they whiff it from parchment soaked in the fluid. Named for its euphoric effect of making one go, "woo!!"
Omar: Hey kid!
Omar: Yeah! Try this Woo Potion! It gives a buzz!
Peter: Okay. *drinks* Woo!!!!! *Faints*
by DoodooMan February 14, 2008
A squeegee man. Comes from the way they ask to wash your car.
Washuka? Washuka mam?
by DoodooMan January 31, 2008
A pronoun describing an onerous, yet nessescary task. Is often used with the adjective, fuptic.
Coons:Jeff, you have an essay on Olympe de Gouges.
Jeff: We barely studied her!! Do we have to...?
Coons: It's fuptic madigadoo, what can I say?.
by DoodooMan November 28, 2007
An adjective negatively connotating that its noun is difficult. Is used in conjunction w/ the pronoun madigadoo.
Coons:Alright Jeff, you have ten graphing problems.
Jeff:That's such fuptic madigadoo. *does problems up to seven* OMG, this number isn't even!!!!
Coons:Quit hating fractions, you're bigger than they are.
by DoodooMan November 28, 2007
A choral exercise that is corrupted by Bronxville kids as queef. Is not often punished by teacher.
Pam:Alright, children. Let's do puief. Puief Puief Puief.
Chorus: Puief, Puief, Puief.
Luke: Queef, Queef, Queef.
by DoodooMan November 28, 2007
A choral exercise that has no meaning and is ofter prescribed by lesbo/disturbed/stuck-up chorus teachers. Supposedly helps voice if practiced enough.
Chris: Zingamama zingamama zingamama zing!
Bobby: Dude, you are so weird. Take band or orchestra for God's sake!!
by DoodooMan November 28, 2007

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