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27 definitions by DooDooMan

A choral exercise that has no meaning and is ofter prescribed by lesbo/disturbed/stuck-up chorus teachers. Supposedly helps voice if practiced enough.
Chris: Zingamama zingamama zingamama zing!
Bobby: Dude, you are so weird. Take band or orchestra for God's sake!!
by DooDooMan November 28, 2007
4 2
Saggy, Fat boobs that go all over the place.
Xavier: Wow Kelly is so hot!
Bob: Are you fucking joking me? Look at her sloppy joes!!
by DooDooMan October 21, 2007
15 18
An American Indian. Originates from the episode of Drawn Together, Ghostesses in the Slot Machine.
Cree Summer may play a lot of black characters, but in realily she is a woo woo. She even mocks her own heritage in the Drawn Together episode Ghostesses in the Slot Machine.
by DooDooMan November 17, 2007
9 19
When you style your pigtails so the back of your head looks like a pair of tits. Derived from the Naruto character Tsunade, who actually styles her pigtails in such a way.
*Elina comes out of Salon*
Elina: How do I look?
Emily: Holy Shit Lina!!! You pulled a Tsunade!!
*Luke sees back of Lina's head*
Luke: Bewbs~~~~~~!
by DooDooMan January 28, 2008
31 43
Vodka in a "gatorade ice" bottle. Used by eighth graders to get drunk in school. Whoever brings in the vodka is often suspended for the rest of the year.
Tyler: Uhhh. I'm sooo drunk.
Daniel: What's with him?
Bob: He was drinking Vincent's Eighth Graderade.
by DooDooMan November 08, 2007
14 29
The Moniker of Hillary Clinton's buttocks.
Reporter: So, Hildog, how is Octavian doing on the campaign trail?

Hillary: He's ok, but he's making it hard to clean my snizz. You never know what terrorists have up there...
by DooDooMan August 28, 2008
6 23