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used in primary school to describe something that was simple to do. Even if it wasnt you would still say it is cos you wanna look good.
that is so easy, it is sinch! Id beat you up but it'd b sinch so why bother
by domizzle April 09, 2005
1. a Word Meaning Simple or quick
2. a Kickass Alternative Band
1. "I'll do it, its a Sinch"
2. Sinch is Known for Something More, Plasma... and is a very unknown band for some reason
by PseudoKirby February 21, 2008
A codename for smoking weed

Similar to "burn".
Abby: "Hey have you met with your pharmacist?"
Cory: "Yeah, want to sinch tonight?"
Abby: "Yeah, I'll bring Scarlett."
by anonymouscory February 05, 2010
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