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A person who wears clothes, shoes or items which are made for the opposite sex...and doesn't care.
Being the ambesextrious dude that he is, Marty blew off the taunts of his co-workers the day he wore his purple crocs.
by DoMi June 12, 2014
word for neighbourhood/ghetto
im gonna go cotch in the hood
by domi May 21, 2005
Not always a white person with black mates but a white person hu dresses,speaks and acts black...they only make themselves look stupid
eminem n skinnyman r these kinda ppl
by domi May 21, 2005
short for master of ceremonies.
lets go n mc.wanna hear me mc?
by domi May 22, 2005
a man that is goin 2 b in da military after high school. Are seen around military bases. Mostly disrespectful son's of bitches!
When i was on base the airman standin ova there looked like he had suspitions
by Domi May 22, 2005
1 of the finest,hottest,sexiest men on earth. who was gr8 in Remember The Titans but wonderful in The Notebook. 6'2'' canadian wit the kindest,sweetest, and funny heart. my fiance! i luv dis guy
in the notebook 2 rachel mcadams

ryan:u tell me when im being a son of a bitch and i tell u when ur being a pain in the ass which is 99% of the time.
by Domi June 11, 2005

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