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The god of thunder sex, commonly practice by the gods.
"Mallicus thunder fucked that hoe!"
by Doctord May 10, 2014
software, specifically malware, that users are fooled into downloading and which is designed to defraud or otherwise cause harm to the user.
Those Nigerian scammers fooled him into downloading a sapplication - they got all his personal details as a result.
by doctorD April 18, 2012
The itchy re-growth of pubic hair on a man's scrotum a few days after he has manscaped. Derivation: scrotum + stubble = scrubble.
Man, my scrubble is itching like hell!
by doctorD February 06, 2013
It is a term categorizing the thirsty, the narcissistic, and the try-hards.
"What a fucking shamp, he's trying to wheel Cathy Jaworfski
by doctord February 07, 2015

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