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To stop caring about your job so much that you no longer care if you get fired or not. Occasionally leads to hilarity in the workplace.
Billy had so much Occupational Nihilism that, for no reason, he didn't go into work one day. He did not tell anyone at the workplace that he wasn't going to come into work the day before, or the day that he failed to show up either.

Patsy's occupational nihilism gave him courage to show up to work in a cowboy hat.
#job hatred #job love #labor #nihilism #occupational worship
by DoctorAwkward March 25, 2008
"Being racist against Gay people"
or being homophobic, being discriminatory towards homosexuals and/or lesbians.
When Tommy didn't invite his gay friend to the cookout, he knew he was commiting an act of Gaycism.
#gay #racism #homophobic #gaycism #homophobia
by DoctorAwkward December 02, 2007
Porn that you only watch when you're depressed.
My depression's been getting worse. I oughta stock up on the Forlorn Porn.

Thank God for Forlorn Porn. It always knows how to make me feel slightly better.
#porn #forlorn #depression #desperation #pron
by DoctorAwkward December 02, 2007
A color coded scale of how perverse one is.

Severe(Red): Severely perverted. So perverted that you can't even stand them. Takes the smallest word or sentence and somehow turns it into a perverted statement. Needs help.
High(Orange): Highly perverted. Often oggles at people and never stops with the innuendoes. Is annoying to talk to sometimes.
Elevated(Yellow): Significantly perverted. Makes innuendoes from time to time.
Guarded(Blue): Generally perverted. The average amount of how perverted one usually is.
Low(Green): Not perverted at all. Is probably either a pussy or their religon forbids perverseness.
Many different types of people have different scales on the perversity meter. For example:
Sever(Red) usually consists of frat boys, party animals, and general assholes. Oh, and The Todd too.
High(Orange) usually consists of freshmen(both college and highschool), your dad, that one friend who you never hang out with.
Elevated(Yellow) usually consists of work friends, close pals, and drink buddies.
Guarded(Blue) usually consists of regular people. People who see the perverseness in situations but don't always say how they're perverted.
Low(Green) usually consists of 40 Year old Virgins, nuns, preists, and the selebic.
#perversity #meter #level #rank #color system
by DoctorAwkward December 02, 2007
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