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When someone is really ugly
That girl is a butters be-atch.
by Dirt Dogg March 18, 2005
Ky Davis is basically the most perfect women, she has class, style, sex appeal, a great sense of humour, the most beautiful eyes and smile you could ever wish for. She pretty much epitimises what a woman should be. FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.
Ky Davis is by far the most special person to me EVER!!!!!
by Dirt Dogg March 14, 2005
A great fucking website based in the UK, they have a sud-site called CUNTS CORNER that people can insert their comments on, you can rant and rave about anything you want, fucking genius!!
Hugh Hefner - Lucky Cunt

Fifty Cent - No talent rap shit cunt. Rap used to mean something, but now its full of cunts like Nelly, Puff Daddy and 50 Cent (50p). May Satan force them to suck his cock for eternity.

Walmart - They refuse to stock the scissor sisters album because it has the word "tits" in it and yet they sell guns so people can shoot one another! Nice one you fucking stupid cunts!

Wildebeast - Soft cunts. There's fucking thousands of the fuckers ruuning about and one mincy little cat comes along and they all fuck off instead of trampling the fucking thing to death.

Work - The eternal enemy of the lazy cunt
by Dirt Dogg March 14, 2005
This word was made up by a very sexy lady called Ky Davis and means everything is Good or great.
That was fucking gudja guru.
by Dirt Dogg March 14, 2005
Namboomboo is a secret island.
The Island of Naboomboo is in the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks and you can only get there buy twisting the knob three times on a bed that has been cursed by a witch......secretive cunts!
by Dirt Dogg March 14, 2005
When something is totally excellent!
That was gudja motherfucking guru!
by Dirt Dogg March 15, 2005
When you want someone to call you back on your cell/mobile phone. Because you cell/mobile phone lights up (flashes).
"ok, flash me later"
by Dirt Dogg March 18, 2005
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