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17 definitions by Diego Blunt

To cross the road in an illegal manner.
"The cop tried to jack me for j-walking, so i busted outta there."
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
222 54
To be a yankee from the North as opposed to a Confederate from the South during the American Civil War.
Now just mean's an American.
In The Past.....
Southerner: "I'll get y'all yo' damn, yankee."
Yankee: "Fuck off, hillbilly."
"The yank's invaded Iraq."
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
280 153
Someone who runs drugs. They can either smuggle large quantity's for other people or run/peddle/sell small quatity's themselves.
Dealer :"I need a runner to bring my drug's across from Mexico."
Suspected Dealer : "I'm jus' a 'small time runner', why not let me go and concentrate on the bigger fish that are importing it and shit."
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
296 175
Word for any mexican or hispanic male.
Can be used for everyone.
"What da fucks this Chico, man?"
"Yo Chico, pass the blunt."
by Diego Blunt August 20, 2003
366 252
1. To knock someone to the ground.
2. To shoot/kill someone.
1. "He was stepping up, thinking he was King Shit, so I dropped that little bitch."
2. "We should drop that muh-fucka before shit get's outta control."
by Diego Blunt August 19, 2003
158 99
What you pull to shoot a gun.
"Finga on tha trigga.....BANG."
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
124 95
1. To own something, to be the king/boss.
2. To sell/peddle drugs. To smuggle drug's.
1. "I run this pool table fool, no two-shot rule."
2. "I've been running drug's for Sonny Martineli."
"Will you run some drugs across the border for me.
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
103 91