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2 definitions by DianaLeewashere

A mature yet entertaining (and dark ) anime about people called "Contractors" that have to perform obsessive compulsive "payment" in order to use their super powers. It's set in an alternate universe where there are 2 places called "hells gate" and "heavens gate" which are supposedly the source of where the contractors come from and hold supernatural qualities. "Contractors" are people, hidden from the general public and considered highly dangerous to the government and "not human"(not displaying much human emotion and relying on logical thought) . While a small number of these contractors work for the government, most form underground society's or groups that work (or dispute) against each other. Also working with these contractors are Emotionless locators called "Dolls" that use certain elements as mediums to locate people or contractors.

The main character, Hei, is a contractor known as the Black Reaper. Although meddling in more trouble than most contractors could handle, is considered the most dangerous while only using his contracted powers for self defense and against mobsters and actual criminals. Though we do not know very much about the mysterious Hei, we do know that his sister, Bai, disappeared along with heavens gate several years ago. More episodes to come for this Epic anime...
Person1: What anime should i watch next? i just finished Death Note.
Me: Darker Than Black!! Its really Mysterious and Supernatural like Death Note but has a completely different storyline.
by DianaLeewashere August 11, 2009
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A pop-punk band from phoenix, that have also been on both the warped tour, and the what happens in Vegas tour both in lake 2009. They were also chosen to do a song for the new Scooby Doo film called "you and i".
The band consists of the Semi-emo lead singer Slade, Mike, the even hotter one, Adam, and drummer, Greg.
Shaina: OMG! Anarbor makes me want to have a Boyfriend
Sara: Yeah, they're so Hot!!
by DianaLeewashere August 11, 2009
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