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Amazing band out of Phoenix, Arizona.
All boys. Totally Cute. Signed to Subcity/Hopeless records
Slade Echeverria-Vocals/Bass
Mike Kitlas-Guitar
Adam Juwig-Guitar
Greg Garrity-Drums
Wilt- Omg! I'm at the Anarbor concert right now and I just met slade!
Eduardo- haha theyre so awesome.
by ilovemusico March 03, 2009
A pop-punk band from phoenix, that have also been on both the warped tour, and the what happens in Vegas tour both in lake 2009. They were also chosen to do a song for the new Scooby Doo film called "you and i".
The band consists of the Semi-emo lead singer Slade, Mike, the even hotter one, Adam, and drummer, Greg.
Shaina: OMG! Anarbor makes me want to have a Boyfriend
Sara: Yeah, they're so Hot!!
by DianaLeewashere August 11, 2009