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When you have crabs it is also known as having seafood problems.
That boy is scratching so hard down there, I think he has seafood problems.
by Devin September 28, 2004
Well if somebody gets 3 FU Awards on Metal-Sludge.com, they are then eligible for a BAFBA. Pronounced BAF-BA. It means "Beyond A Fucking Bitch Award." It simply means, the winner is BEYOND A FUCKING BITCH. The upper Escalon of bitchdom.
Sebastian Bach was the first to recieve the BAFBA award.
by Devin March 21, 2004
A person with every possible fetish in the sexual book rolled into one, nothing can satisfy the sexual apetite of a bottrell.
wow, richard simmons sure is a bottrell yo!
by Devin February 05, 2004
1) The most amazing Lesbian in the whole world.
2) A sexual beast who does nothing but attract other straight or bisexual woman who want to lay with her.
3) Portugese bombshell
1) Damn, that Essi is the most amazing lesbian in the world.
2) Wow, that girl pulled an Essi.
3) Girl: "You ain't nothin like that damn Essi"
Girl's Boyfriend: "Wut!?!?"
by Devin April 17, 2005
Nectar of the Gods, The best drink ever!
Devin drank a Pepsi Vanilla and then threw a cat off a tall building.
by Devin January 06, 2004
Retarded way of saying negativity for moronic teachers like Ms.Bent.
Der...., take the negatism out of the classroom!
by Devin June 08, 2003
The Most Leet and Sexy Paladin in all of EQ especialy better than Vesuvan
OMG Rilana owns vesuvan so mutch
i know
by Devin February 05, 2005
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