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The friendly stranger that you see randomly on the street. He knows you and you find him familiar, however you can't seem to understand why this stranger, potentially dangerous, is so easily befriended and trusted.
You're walking down the street and turn the corner, Xenox looks you in the eyes, appearing out of nowhere, and you feel comforted yet puzzled by the encounter of this friendly stranger.
by xenox August 24, 2005
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a mix between a xerox and xena warrior princess
I just Xenoxed a paper to throw and chop ur head off with
by Kaboom September 15, 2003
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some odd fag who likes Halo and Punk rock music, no one actualy like Xenox but they talk to it anywayz
St0rmbwler: Xenox = Gay
IQ of Butter: ino
by Devin February 05, 2005
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