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giving a blow job. usually associated with ho's or prostitutes.
u dumb bitch u prolly pull tricks on the corner
by devin February 01, 2004
A thick neck is a person who has a huge freaking neck and is a bastard child who in the hall ways pushs u into a locker cause he is a motherless bastard child.
That jock is a thick neck and he pushs me into lockers i am not sure what his name is cause he is mister sarcastic bastard.
by devin September 08, 2004
Any type of snack food brought from home and eaten between meals while working in a cubicle in an office environment.
cheez-its, wheat thins, protein bars, atkins shakes, fig newtons, goldfish crackers, oreos, apples, cheetos.
by Devin April 19, 2004
1.someone who calls other people poseurs
2. someone who changes who they are to impress others
3. someone who changes who they are just because everyone else did
1. omg you're such a poseur!
2. omg like a bought that new studded belt yeah I mean it's all right but I know that Jimmy will love me now that I have it
3. omg Amy got those pants with chains I think I'll get ones like them I mean everyones wearing them now!
by Devin January 15, 2004
From an old play that focuses on the life of an Egyptian farmer.
"I will now show you the camel. This particular animal eats mud, shits bricks, and has a triangular arse-hole. Hence the pyramids."
by Devin September 01, 2004
It means everything is allright, don't worry. Taken from a "surfer" sibling who can't seem to pronounce words correctly, but has become popular among many floridians
-Sorry I killed your cat. . .
by Devin May 18, 2004
When you have crabs it is also known as having seafood problems.
That boy is scratching so hard down there, I think he has seafood problems.
by Devin September 28, 2004
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