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To hit another person with a large fish, usually in the face.
He shlapped him with the flounder.
by Thelegendarymike March 02, 2007
The sound a womans vagina makes as it slides into position on a mans face.
As Samantha moves across Tim's face a the shlapping sound of her vagina arouses him.
by Sam707 March 22, 2011
This is the only cure for the "Swamp Face".
Avarage Joe: Sweet Jesus Yesterday i saw ted and he had swamp face so i have his a little SHLAP
Freddy Joe:SWEET
by Trey Brown June 16, 2007
When you slap a French person in the face because they are French.
Bill- "Dude that French dude got shlaped in the face!"
Ted-" Ya, what a French loser, stupid french."
by Devin October 29, 2004
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