33 definitions by Dev

to be scat like, shitty, crap, etc.
that hair do is very scatesque
by dev October 26, 2004
to be perculiarised, when you realise something strange all of a sudden.
woah, that perculiarised me, bad
by dev October 26, 2004
an easy way to say slut without anyone knowing what you're on about
hey, did you see that chick? sleeoot!
by dev October 26, 2004
a punani which is endless and sucks up everything in its path
if you have sex with carmen, make sure your on the bottom or youll get sucked up by her endless punani
by dev January 19, 2005
a vegetable, when red, that is high in vitamin c. also spelled incorrectly & pronounced incorrectly by morons who are slowed down mentally. eg capsicum
i like capsicum, but im retarded & always ask for casicun.
by dev November 05, 2004
another name for a larger size butt plug.
do you really think this is the right trattle for you?
by dev October 26, 2004
1) day of a horrible tiran called nme, who is a got moderator
2) day of the pancakes!
1) /kick nme
2) /slap nme
3) /me punches nme with a laptop
by dev May 07, 2005

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