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The use of brass with a hardcore backbeat laced with funk and ska.
Adequate Seven
by Dev July 14, 2003
strap on dildo, sex toy.
that is a very nice strap on you have there
by dev October 26, 2004
Acid on a mish whe nhes pissed off
haweh man fa' fook sake
by dev January 04, 2005
moron, idiot, fool, etc. used as an insult when someone does something stupid, or annoys you.
why dont you piss off you ghit!
by dev October 26, 2004
White guy, with big ears, little penis, never gets any, and wears a cool leg sleeve on his leg like T-Mac
hey look...its P-mac..what a douche
by Dev January 30, 2005
pronounced ren-ay-tard
a person who is really stupid and can not live amoung people without spreading their stupidity
that person is a godam reneetard
by Dev May 11, 2006
(Devon,Steven,Sam)To knock or tip over a porto potty/porto john/etc.
Lets go DSS that construction site!
by Dev April 09, 2005

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