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33 definitions by Dev

A pedophile who is sexually attracted to very young children, i.e. younger than ten years old.
Robert Redford is a babyfucker.
by Dev December 09, 2003
53 35
eat out, ie; to perform oral sex upon. Usually a woman.
i really wanna growl-out that hotty!
by dev October 26, 2004
13 3
Bucket of Chicken from KFC
Gonna go gobble a 10-piece with the wife.
by dev January 18, 2003
18 8
a person who prefers people much younger as lovers
watch out for that tamperer
by dev November 05, 2004
2 0
To be better than supreme (god, to be better than god).

The best of the best.
"Theres no way i can compete with that guy, hes extrasupreme"
by dev September 25, 2003
2 0
when someone says something and shocking funny to you. Maybe the result of a dirty joke.
hahahaha, im hilarified!
by dev October 26, 2004
5 4
to be scat like, shitty, crap, etc.
that hair do is very scatesque
by dev October 26, 2004
1 0