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Inspired by the motion picture, Mr. Woodcock, this word is used as a synonym for intercourse. Generally used by males. Alternate uses include, porked, porking, will pork.
Yo O'leary pork that shit!

You would be mad too if your sister was being porked by Ellis.
by Dearn June 29, 2009
To allow one's bloated perception of one's own cleverness to negate the reality that one is continuously spiraling up and/or talking out of one's own butthole
"Did you see Aohdan totally pull a james franco the other day? He wrote this really horrible short story but got super butthurt when I pointed out that it's not a novel and it's actually like super boring, amateur hour stuff, but he is CONVINCED that he can get it published." "Damn, that's so franco."
by dearn April 14, 2015

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