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a sport originated by the wood industry, a large "marker" was used to fire paint projectiles at trees to show which ones to cut down. 1980, paintball became a sport, not well known to many ppl.Now, paintball has evolved into one of the best sports ever combining strategy and teamwork, paintbakll is a good motivator. Guns have evolved to fire at insane rates like 20 bps.
also see pball
" paintball is the best sport EVER"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
1- DEFINATLEY the best metal band EVER shut up " iron butterfly" iron maidens in town. They carved a good road to metallica, and all that crap. they have the best guitarists and best drummer and singer. "IRON MAIDEN CANNOT BE FOUGHT" in the words of bruce dickenson.
Also see- Maiden, rock in rio

2- a badass medival torture, rather killing device which was composed of an iron shell, with strategically placed spikes inside to provide the victim with no chance of living. the door was closed. and the spikes hit all the main living parts, such as heart and brain ect.
" Rock in rio is the BEST iron maiden concert ever"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
1- someone who is lazy and doesnt do what (s)hes supposed to do. most often used as an insult or dirrogitory meaning.
2- A lazy donkey
" get up you lazyass its time to do the dishes"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
A word similar to "crackhouse" meaning a house in the neighbourhood with many ppl living in it who grow/sell weed, cocaine ect. ;ie the house down the curb you may not know.
" man that house is a big drug house"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
The art of running around hotels at night, riding the elevators like crazy and causing overall havok at a hotel
" man that hotel surfing was intense!"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
A shortened version of word Paintball. used as in baseball to be "bball"
"The crowd gazed as the pball match began"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
Used in place of familiar saying as " sweet" "cool" "rad" it originated in edmonton canada but may also be used leading to a insult
" thats one crackolactic car"
"stfu you crackolactic kid"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
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