45 definitions by Dean

(n) 1. (derogatory) an exceptionally annoying internet personality, usually implying gayness in both senses: light-hearted and homosexual.

2. wears yellow suits.

3. a clown
That guy is such a floodmatt
by dean October 06, 2004
A technique in Half-Life (mostly CS) that involves excellent timing and coordination. You can gain tremendous speed from these hops and jump extremely far. Usually used by veteran counter-strike players because it used to come in handy to get places fast, and also get away quickly. Must use strafing, jumping, and mouse movements to bunnyhop correctly. This is considered a bug in the coding of HL. Bunny-Hopping is a very hard technique to master but doesn't work that well anymore in most Half-life Mods.
Man that guy bunnyhops so fast!
by Dean August 26, 2003
She is a very loved and beautiful girl who is very sensible and smart.
I feel like a queen, it must be how Perri Davenport feels!!!
by Dean December 17, 2004
Another variant of rofl, this time involving a breakfast food.

Also known as "roffle my waffle."
Bob: "Man, I was so stoned yesterday."
Steve: "LOL! You're gonna' make me roffle my waffle!"
by Dean March 27, 2005
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