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Refering to a prosthetic wang (whre the P and the W come from).
I just ordered my new Phillip Wendell.
by Dean March 25, 2005
A slurred pronunciation of "That's me"
Hey, Joe!

by Dean March 22, 2005
Internet slang; "will do in a few"
Steve: hey, check this out
Bob: wdiaf
by Dean June 16, 2006
Shows strong emotions
Oh sbiznak! I forgot my lunch
by Dean March 02, 2005
Group of crazy guys from Rhode Island. They do stupid and crazy things.

I wish I could be in Hybrid Perception.
by Dean December 21, 2004
Word mean Cool, chillness.
Can mean anything.
Dude commons is sooo sup nurce my man

Hank: Hey your bleeding!
Freddy: Sup nurce
by Dean October 28, 2003
The ultimate acronym, created by Rick and Dean, the sexiest bitches alive.

Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, laughing my ass off, oh, my fucking God

ALWAYS used sardonically.
ROFLOLMAOMFG! You are SO fucking hilarious!
by Dean March 27, 2005

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