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45 definitions by Dean

Another word for boyfriend.
"Are you that chic's boyfriend?"
"I prefer the term 'manpal'"
by Dean October 11, 2004
From the movie 'Bruce Almighty' means that is they way it is, some things just happens, you roll your dice and pay your price ect.
Why does it always rain when I go to a baseball game?
That's the way the cookie crumbles
by Dean May 29, 2004
Probably the best looking and most jam-proof gun in the world, but can lack in the accuracy department. Most popular models are 92/96 FS and Elite II in both 9mm and .40.
The Elite II is a sweet ass looking gun!
by Dean March 23, 2003
it means what are you doin

what are you doing
what are you doozin after the party
by Dean May 17, 2004
The 'Sleeping Bag' is a refined dancing skill which requires rapid movement from left to right with both feet together. The movement itself is mastered from many generations and can be defined between the width and speed of the designated movement. Any mastery of this skill is usually familiarised with a lot of female activity due to the elitist value the move posesses
That guy doing the sleeping bag is sooo hot right now!
by Dean February 12, 2005
To take ones hand and push another person's face.

An open hand, covering another perons face like you threw a pie at them.
Mark was being a jerk, so I piefaced him and he fell to his knees.
by Dean November 12, 2004
The ULTIMATE catchphrase, used by the ever-popular, yet imaginary, Daniel Shine.
Person 1: "Did you just say penis?"
Person 2: "Uh, no..."
Person 1: "Are you sure?"
Person 2: "...Yeah."
Person 1: "'Cause I could've SWORN you just said penis! WHOO!"
Person 2: "...You suck."
Person 1: "WHOO!"
by Dean March 27, 2005