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PC term used mostly at school to prevent the kids whose biological parents do not have custody of them or kids of deceased parents from feeling lesser than "regular" kids.
Teacher: Have your parent or guardian sign this paper and bring it in tomorrow.

Kid: Man, I know my moms signed her rights over to my grandma, but y'all don't have to rub it in my face with this parent or GUARDIAN bullshit.
by Dd_NY November 11, 2009
A referral to the dean's office. Coined due to the three sheets of carbon paper they are written on. One goes to the dean for his or her records, another to the teacher who wrote you up, and the last to your parent or guardian.
Mitchell: My dog Tre cursed out his teacher and she ended up writing him up and giving him the ol' three sheeter.
by Dd_NY November 11, 2009
Spin off of "pc4pc" meaning, "Add me to your top friends on MySpace and I'll add you to mines."
dumbbroad27: pc4pc?

punkass_boi: not until u tp4tp.

dumbbroad27: i already did. u r rite after Ashley Shitface.

punkass_boi: y am i after her?? i shuld b ur # 1 now change it b4 i delete u!!11!

dumbbroad27: kk, but we're doin pc4pc & u hav to comment me frist

punkass_boi: ight but man, youd probaly suck tom's dik for one of those
by Dd_NY November 20, 2009
To cover one's eyes, usually to prevent from seeing graphic material
Cenk: We have pics of Rihanna after her beating. Eye muff the kids.
by Dd_NY November 21, 2009
Someone you are suppose to sleep with to avoid getting your ass beat. This person must get around a lot.
Boy: I cheated on my girlfriend and I think she found out. What should I do?

Friend: You better sleep with One Eye Open.

Boy: Good advice!
by Dd_NY November 11, 2009
dyl⋅a⋅gent (dil-i-juhnt)


1. constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything: a dylangent student

2. done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking: a dylangent search of the files

Related forms:
dyl⋅a⋅gent⋅ly, adverb

dyl⋅a⋅gent⋅ness, noun

1. industrious, assiduous, sedulous. See busy.

2. indefatigable, untiring, tireless, unremitting.

See example below.
Señora Osteen: OK class, these workbook pages are due tomorrow but if you work diligently today I will give you an extra day in class to finish them.

Dylan: That's right! Work DYLANgently and you won't have to finish this for homework later!
by Dd_NY November 19, 2009

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