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The state of being or being part of random occurances & activities. Also known as being in a state of complete randomness.
Our adventure was reaching new levels of randomosity.
by xenorevlis April 26, 2004
The art of being random. Un-explained acts. Doing something that is not common
Randomosity is the key to happiness
by Danielle93561 November 23, 2005
Pertaining to being random, a person's degree of random.
What made her so special was her randomosity made everything seem like it connected in some obscure way.
by Jessica Pille October 22, 2003
a person who suffers from this...consistantly blurts out random words, phrases, questions, or statements.
Dr.- "I could clearly see that this person is randomostic, this problem is known as randomosity"
by Nichelle December 21, 2006
Having the properties of being random. Really, really random. Room of small ADD kids on hallucinogens random.
You did (blank) in a (blank)?!? I can't take this kind of randomosity, get the hell away from me you nutcase!
by Mr. R (was taken) August 15, 2006
random in noun form.
basically, the craziness of the teenage mind.
person one -- your mind is a battlefield and everything is confusing.

person two -- my mind is more like a whirlwind of randomosity.
by tiredandhungry July 15, 2011
How random something is
It was full of randomosity!
by Anonymous October 31, 2003

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