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5 definitions by Davezilla

Any image of a small town event with archetypal characters that evoke imagery suitable for a Normal Rockwell painting.
"Dude. We went to Sarah's BBQ at her parents' house. Fried chicken and watermelon. I had a Norman Rockwell moment."
by Davezilla August 19, 2008
The condition of waking up and realzing you've had an orgasm in your sleep.
I had the most intense snoregasm last night!
by Davezilla November 14, 2006
Idiots. People who don't fit ones own superior view of how others should behave and act. For example, smokers who dump their car ashtrays on your driveway are definitely trobes.
Alternate spelling: tr0b (zero replaces the 'o').
Ed: "We were drinking with Tony last night. That guy has the bladder of a six year-old girl."
Lisa: "What a trobe."
Ed: "Word."
by Davezilla October 03, 2007
Urban slang for ghetto
Bitch, why you wearing that? That is so g-t-o.
by Davezilla September 07, 2007
a portable flash or jump drive
"Rip those files to the jimmy."
by Davezilla May 18, 2006