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A noun derived from a mis-spelling of the word country and its containing of the word cunt.

It is used to describe a country which is seen by the rest of the world as somewhat of a douche for some reason or another, whether it being its political stance, scaremongering, illegal wars, human rights infringements or anything else seen as objectionable by the person describing the country.

It is advisable to not use this definition in polite company.
Under the Bush administration, the USA has become the biggest cuntry this world has ever seen.

Of course, they'll soon be overtaken by China due to its high profile human rights breaches, not to mention the number of coal-powered power stations being opened and polluting the atmosphere.
by DaveZeroZero March 26, 2008
a person who is at a loss when it comes to romancing, flirting or other such activities. i.e. someone who fails at everything to do with love or courtship.
i never get any. I'm a lovetard.
by DaveZeroZero June 22, 2007
An erection gained whilst wearing drainpipes, also known as skinny jeans.

Due to the tight nature of this apparel, it is extremely difficult and awkward to conceal this kind of erection.

Not only is the fact that you are publicly 'excited' embarrassing, but, because the wearer should be fully aware of the nature of the obvious lump in his jeans, he will not want this erection, thus decreasing the size. This, however, is not the only factor in the embarrassment - the fact that the jeans are so tight also cuts of blood flow, further adding to the illusion that the wearer's member is smaller than it is.

Something to be avoided if it can be helped.
Dude, I pity Steve for getting that Drainpipe Boner in front of sally last week.

Girl: OMG! It's tiny!
Boy: Nah, it's just a drainpipe boner!
by DaveZeroZero May 30, 2007
1. something sexually pleasing or arousing to someone considered to be a nerd.
dude, anime is soooo nerdrotic.
by DaveZeroZero April 26, 2007
a four letter lie, commonly confused with a feeling of intense affection felt towards another.
Guy 1: i'm in love.
Guy 2: liar.
by DaveZeroZero May 15, 2007
the generic hardcore music being secreted by band after band being signed onto the record label Victory Records.
hey man, did you hear that new song on the radio?

dude, that's so VictoryCore.
by DaveZeroZero May 18, 2007
Being a scene kid but not being totally serious about it - generally having a laugh and finding other supposedly sceneXcore kids who take themselves far too seriously highly comical.
He's so scene - yet so funny and aloof - that kid's so jokeXcore
by DaveZeroZero May 23, 2007

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