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well it all started with me not sure of what to say. so i just said it. gamley.
What are u doing?
by daveo November 08, 2004
Sexual manuever performed between a man and a woman while in the bathroom of a McDonald's Restaurant. While riding a female "doggie-style" the male begins to knukle punch his female counterpart on both sides of her rib cage. Though this act may sound painful it intended to provide an expression of love.
Linda told me not to cover her in Barbecue sauce while I was giving her the McRibb.
by DaveO August 21, 2009
a phrase applied to persons new to hot-or-not who paste links from the address bar rather than below the pic.
No wonder the chicks he's sending are beat, he's pasting from the top.
by Daveo November 22, 2003
Act of sexual deviance involving one individual urinating directly into another individual's eye.
I'd never hit a man wearing glasses, but I would give him a Magnum P.I.
by DaveO March 12, 2004
Sexual act involving a male and female engaged in anal sex. During the process the female flatuates creating a hot, vibrating feeling on the males rod.
My rod felt like it had been dipped in steaming hot lava after that ho farted on it.
by daveo April 29, 2004
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