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A fictional realm wherein jews can actually play basketball.
When we die, we all go to Jewtopia for like 2 days and get pwned by 6'8'' guys named Goldberg.
by Darkz November 15, 2006
A koala of moderate size that frequently smokes bamboo blunts.
Dude, that Stoned Koala deboed my finest greens!
by Darkz November 15, 2006
A goat with wings that can fly at great speeds thanks to rocket propulsion from its anus.
ZOMG! That flying goat peed on my lollerskates
by Darkz November 15, 2006
An aquatic creature composed entirely of the male ejaculant.

A pool of male ejaculant in the shape of a jesus fish.
Mom! Dad! I just caught a skeet fish!
by Darkz November 15, 2006
1) Navy Special Forces (Sea, Air and Land - SEAL) who are generally considered one of the best special forces units around.

2) A war chant uttered by an individual who is about to commit a very brave, yet foolish, action.
1) My brother is in the Navy Seals.

2) Mike screamed "NAVY SEALS!" before running out of cover into a swarm of enemies.
by Darkz November 16, 2006

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