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A fictional realm wherein jews can actually play basketball.
When we die, we all go to Jewtopia for like 2 days and get pwned by 6'8'' guys named Goldberg.
by Darkz November 15, 2006
a land heavily populated by those of the Jewish faith

also, a 99 cent store
Man, i was at my Jewish buddy's house the other day, his neighborhood is like a mini Jewtopia.
by std muffin July 24, 2009
A land where modern-day Jews can be free from the persecutions of Nazi Germany and the ancient Egyptians.
Ralph Goldman was sick and tired of being pushed around by the Nazis and ancient Egyptians, so he was forcefully relocated to a magical land where Jews can run around and do Jewish crap; a land called Jewtopia.
by 12diethylether November 16, 2010
A land where Jews are imprisoned to escape persecution from Nazi Germans and ancient Egyptians.

It's current location is unknown. This area is not antisemitic nor is it a concentration camp per se.
If you're feeling down and lonely being a Jew, take a trip to Jewtopia, where you can be with all your doctor and lawyer friends.
by Poopoo Pants of Doom March 20, 2012
A land of a Jew! An area of which a Jew aproximates.
Jewtopia basically is where Jews are really cool! (Israel)
by wootangclan November 30, 2007

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