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4 definitions by Dark2k1

The troll that looks over the computers at your school/library/local bestbuy. He has no real power and solely relies on smoke and mirrors to intimidate students. His magical powers include psychic remote viewing (through VNC desktop viewer), sending popup messages through winpopup, remote restart/shutdown, locking up your desktop, and playing god. Skills involved in being a sysadmin include networking, hardware, and being an asshole.
Mr. Rankins is a stereotypical sysadmin.
by Dark2k1 July 28, 2006
A team or clan of low level novice players that travel in packs. They are over confident and often get themselves killed due to sheer n00bishness. A n00b team counts quantity over quality.
I p0wned a n00b herd that attacked me in the widly. Gotta love those n00bs.
by Dark2k1 July 29, 2006
An overweight beast that has crossed the threshold between general fatness and obesity. Monstrous appetites, disproportionate dimensions, and a craving for twinkies are all typical characteristics of obese beasts. Mobility is often restricted in these animals and resort to rolling as a form of transportation.
Eric: John stop feeding my already overweight dog
John: Why? It isn't _that_ fat!
Eric: Are you kidding!? It is such an obese beast!
by dark2k1 March 09, 2008
Refers to a woman that prefers anal sex or an uptight picky person whose selfish desires often spoil the fun for the entire group.
Mike: Lets all get pizza at charlie's.
John: Sorry, eric only eats grimaldi's pizza.
Mike: What an anal whore!
by Dark2k1 May 28, 2007