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A Dallas Daiquiri is closely related to a Dirty Sanchez, Cleveland Steamer or a Hot Karl. The only difference is that it is always runny or similar to diarrhea. The most popular version is introduced directly into the recipients mouth. A daiquiri is very messy and nature so it is common for it to end up on different parts of the body.
My girl loves to give me a rim job and last night I surprised her with her first Dallas Daiquiri.
by DanTX May 13, 2008
A "cruise missile is a fat joint, blunt, spliff, hogleg. A very potent strain of marijuana has been named after the insane actor. If you smoke a cruise missle you will get stupid high just like Tom.
I was laughing like a manic after we smoked a cruise missile.
by DanTX April 08, 2008
Copper is stolen and scrapped for cash on a regular basis.
It seems that the majority of copper thieves are of the black race. We often see them unloading the copper from their trucks at recycling plants and most are blacks.
Copper coons ripped the wiring out of my house while I was gone on vacation!
by dantx December 16, 2009
Beer dick is an erection that will not go down and and can not be satisfied no matter how much you try. You must be at the right point of intoxication to experience beer dick. Your partner is usually the one that will befefit from beer dick. Beer dick can have the opposite effect once you pass the certain point of intoxication.
Lastnight I pounded my girls pussy for over and hour and could not cum cause I had beer dick.
by Dantx September 20, 2007
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