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An american weapon system smarter than the american president
by Ray September 20, 2003
21 14
A "cruise missile is a fat joint, blunt, spliff, hogleg. A very potent strain of marijuana has been named after the insane actor. If you smoke a cruise missle you will get stupid high just like Tom.
I was laughing like a manic after we smoked a cruise missile.
by DanTX April 08, 2008
6 3
1. After foreplay but before sex a man stands on the end of the bed whilst the woman lies on the bed, usually underneath him. The man then lets a cry, usually CRUISE MISSILE or KAMIKAZE and then jumps onto the woman aiming to conduct sexual intercourse at a heightened velocity.

2. A type of weapon employed by armed forces to take out enemy instillations at a long to medium range.
1. Man 1: Hey man I totally cruise missiled my girlfriend last night.

Man 2: Is that why you're walking funny today and you have a black eye?

Man 1: Totally worth it.

2. General: Privates this is a cruise missile. You will be working with this for most of your army career.

Private: Hey that reminds me, I'm seeing my girlfriend tonight.
by Jenno18 July 28, 2010
2 2
a gay warhead
look at that bent bastard cruising around Baghdad
by www.fulep.com April 19, 2004
4 21
a badly programmed ballistic weapon used to indiscriminantly target innocent civilians under the impression of high-tech, high-precision warfare.
"That cruise missile just hit Bulgaria"
by brit March 26, 2003
3 20
As above. Could well come from the same drawing board as some other cute and cuddly incendiary devices from the good ole USA - namely, Napalm, A Bombs and Ford Pintoes.
"cruise missiles - programmed to dessimate innocent iraqi citiz....uhhm urr....military targets!"
by Schteve April 01, 2003
2 20