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Also can be known as a 'jade' or other catlike creatures. People who have a catlike face and nature are often refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty'. Note: Being refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty' is usally a compliment not an insult.
'awww look at that pretty kitty'
by daniel a.k.a benjamin October 09, 2005
To take a very long 'pull' usally from a 'joint' or other smoking materials used by very nice people. When exhaled the copious amount of smoke should take on the form of that you may see rising from an industrial factory.
'dude! that pull was industrial'
'check out that industrial pull'
by daniel a.k.a benjamin October 09, 2005
Perfomed when there is a massive floater in the toilet and you really need to take a 'slash'. Involves wearing your coat back to front to avoid contamination.
Dude A: 'dude! there was a giant floater in the toilet'
Dude B: 'time for the surgical...'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 27, 2005
To be in the act of any form of sexual activity be it flirting or other such things foolish adolescents get up to. If someone were to express their willingness to be kanoodling with someone else they would usally be talking about the person in question CONSTANTLY. An example of this would be:
'OMG! TOMtomTOMtomTOMtomTOMtom'
'nye and izzy were kanoodling at charlottes'
'jade and tom are so gonna be kanoodling at chloes on saturday'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 30, 2005
To be in a state of intoxication due from inhaling chemical substances such as marijuana and being completely obvious in public about what you have just done whilst still feeling the effects.
'fuck off we're wasted'
'i wanna go homebase man'
'SHIT! that was like the pinnacle of blatant!'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 02, 2005
To walk(bop/longbop) very slowly almost in like a dazed like way as if you have no idea where you are and why you're there.
'Wheres Charlotte?'
'Down the road'
'She'll be about an hour then'
'Yeah man major snail pace'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 07, 2005
A type of marijuana which exceeds all others. Will be quite literally the finset joint you've ever had. Comes only as resin and can be recognised from the distinctive gold writing found upon it. Smells & tastes as good as it smokes.
'some good shit'
'india's finest man'
'i'm never smoking any street crap again'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin November 04, 2005

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