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Plates of glass. When used in a house, it can be opened for fresh air or in case of an emergancy.
-"Please open the window Johnny, I'm sweating like a pig."
by Daniel November 18, 2003
A holiday that coincides with our Christmas. It is celebrated in Free Country USA. On Decemberween, everybody sits down to enjoy a feast of bunny, (except Marzipan) and everyone gives gifts to each other(ideally Deep Impacts).
2001=The best/worst Decemberween ever.
by Daniel December 23, 2003
Make of gun from Italy - the US military uses their pistols. You see them in movies all the time.
It was all going fine until he pistol-whipped me with his Beretta.
by Daniel December 24, 2002
The greatest number ever invented in the history of ska.
Yo, that song is 241!
by Daniel February 17, 2005
A book written to show how little we know about religion. Very good book. By Dan Brown. Its a mystery about the holy grail and da vinci.
The da vinci code rocks
by daniel July 12, 2004
A literary reference from Frank Herbert's Dune series describing someone who has been extensively trained to emulate the mental calculating capacity of a computer. Mentats have a tendancy to analyze everything as if it were data for a calculation. This term describes someone who over-analyzes every situation.
"If you could stop being a mentat for just one minute, you'd realize that all I wanted was a kiss..."
by Daniel June 06, 2005
pbvids is a cool paintball forums website. they have an arcade
Lets go to pbvids and play the ego game!
by Daniel February 27, 2005

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