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Noun. (Slang) Area code in southern California for the Inland Empire. Typically refers to southern San Bernardino County and Riverside County and some portions of east Los Angeles County (i.e., San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario, Pomona, San Dimas etc.)
I'm heading out to see my 909 buddies in Riverside and Fontana tomorrow!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "Several of the cities named as being in eastern Los Angeles county are not in L.A. County. In fact, Riverside and San Bernardino are the county seats of Riverside County and San Bernardino County respectively."
by Daniel September 09, 2003
OC: abbreviation for Orange County, California.
We're off to OC tomorrow to have fun at Disneyland.
by Daniel September 08, 2003
The one who keeps things in order.
This Marine will set things straight!
by Daniel March 15, 2005
1) To pursue multiple job applications and offers, usually all at the same time.

2) To be employed in a series of different jobs in quick succession, usually only staying for a short time at each of them.

Often engaged in by persons employed in McJobs.
Graeme is desperate for cash so he has to go job-skanking to pay the rent
by Daniel June 01, 2004
A person who is lazy, and not doing anything at the present time
I'm just mooching about!
by Daniel March 30, 2004
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