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What people in the West-Island call Devil's Night (the night before Halloween). It got it's name because people steal door mats and do switcheroos. It is also the night people go around TPing trees and other mischief is caused.
I woke up this morning after mat night and my doormat was missing. I found it the next week three blocks down.
by Daniel October 31, 2005
A supreme being with masterful driving ability
Godamn....Sheel can sure rip an awesome skid in his gemini
by Daniel April 21, 2005
A term used to describe a search result that produces only one result on Google.com.
anthropomorphic prudentiality

This is an example. ;)
by Daniel December 26, 2004
When one unveils his ass from the backseat of a car and squeezes it between the passenger and driver's seat and blasts ass on the driver.
"Holy shit, I think you parted my hair with that bare ass fart!"
by daniel December 14, 2004
adjective; stupid fucking cunt
that b.garner is a phrikshin
by daniel December 06, 2004
A head that is ovally shaped and longer than it is wide. Known to float.
Daniel has a floating head.
by Daniel May 24, 2004
A group of hot girls that they may be younger than they look or act.
Damn, Ken those eighth graders are fine.But be careful, looks can be disceiving.
by DANIEL December 01, 2003

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