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A geek's condom; Helps prevent viruses
Remember to practice safe hex and use a firewall!
by Daniel March 24, 2005
The Baes Rap Group ever
It is eminem and 5 friends = 6 x their alter egos = 12 and all from detroit = D they are the Dirty Dozen or the Detroit 12. It was started in 1990 and when eminem got big they were the first ones to get signd to Shady records and have been on every eminem cd even Infinite the street sold debut of eminem and Fucking Crazy, the underground album that is extremely rare same with the album, Drugs
they are:
Eminem/Slim Shady
Proof/Dirty Harry
Bizarre/Peter S. Bizarre
Kon Artist/Mr. Denaun Porter
Kuniva/Rondell Beene
Swift/Swifty McVeigh

Their Debut was Devil's Night

Their second was going to be Devil's Night 2: Halloween but was changed last minute to D-12 World it comes out April 27, 2004. The sigle will be "My Band"
"I take a couple uppers and down a couple downers, But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills"
from purple pills by D-12

Made them triple plantinum!
by Daniel February 27, 2004
A job that is a dead end position with no potential for advancement, usually a teen job.
"Oh, I need to leave this Mc Job"
by Daniel July 29, 2003
an noun describing the large size of one's "ghetto booty"; junk in da trunk
check out dat hoe's badunkadunk
by daniel March 20, 2004
Excellent guitarist/songwriter/vocalist. Great ability in all of those fields. Has covered chopin's fantasie impromptu on guitar.
He is cool.

by Daniel June 28, 2004
owned by abercrombie&fitch to emulate southern california. slightly cheaper than its parent company, but still the same price as costly all black wear from hot topic, who is owned by GAP(who is also grouped with banana republic and old navy) Workers are typically young, attractive, slightly snobby kids who (before being hired) must have a sense of fashion. A higher quality alternative to its direct competitors (american eagle, the buckle, etc.)
shirt, jeans, belt and flip flops @ HCO = $130.00

shirt, overisized pants, metal belt, black doc martins, trench coat and multiple chains and rings to make you look "scary" and gothic when you're really a puss = $250.00+
by daniel April 07, 2005
Somewhat antiquated English saying, meaning that one must finish a task despite all odds.
C'mon, lads. Keep a stiff upper lip!
by Daniel February 03, 2005

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