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A small plastic resealable bag, commonly used to carry/distribute illicit drugs. (Australia)
"I dropped that satty at the bar when the cops came in."
by ExplodingBallz September 19, 2011
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To "Satty" is to go to someone's house with the intention of doorbell ditching them, and if they are not home, you pee in their bushes.
Hey bro, I went to your house and decided to doorbell ditch you. You weren't home, so I pissed in your bushes. We OUTCHEA! You got Satty'd!
by pacaphilia June 02, 2013
true,unperversed, TLC etc
It is hella satty of me, coogie!
by JoeyBradley January 04, 2005
to cock block a guy by standing too close next to them while they try and chat/dance with girls.

Often will have a dopey look on their face because they are soo drunk
"Man, u just did a Satty on me"

"i was about to get sum pussy when that guy dropped a satty on me"
by Yelsnit Ecips April 30, 2008
Once something has been sat on it becomes Satty.
Man Do you want these chips? Dale made them all satty.

I guess you could consider that girls face satty after the stink face i gave her
by JOAH PAZONS July 17, 2005

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