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A tactful way of referring to previous careers, companies, or relationships without specifically mentioning names. A way of avoiding thoughtless name-dropping or boring boastful references to things you have done before at other places or with other people.
1. Company: Rather than saying, "Back at YoYoDyne, we used to do this and that and the other", try "In a past life, I used a different process".
2. Career: Avoid "When I was in the Navy, we always did it this way" and replace with "In a past life, I remember doing things in a certain way".
3. Relationship: Instead of telling your current partner, "Sally and I stayed at that bed and breakfast once", perhaps use, "In a past life, I stayed there and it was nice" instead.
by DanGarPrius June 14, 2013
The unique language of texting and text shortcuts.
"I saw a picture of Jesus with BRB underneath it." "What's BRB?" "It's 'be right back', don't you speak textese?"
by DanGarPrius October 19, 2009
The collective noun for more than one Honda Pilot (popular SUV/Soccer Mom mobile).
Check out the parking lot at the soccer game, it looks like a squadron of Pilots out there!
by DanGarPrius April 12, 2010
An entire online chat or conversation conducted exclusively as an exchange of memes and images, without words or text. Especially applies when only using clips of images and/or links to visual memes.
(After several exchanges of clipped images/links of internet memes)
"OMG, we didn't use a single word in that whole thread!"
"Yes, that was a total memeversation."
by DanGarPrius June 07, 2013
Any of an older generation of iPod devices, made prior to 2011. For example, First through Fifth Generation, shuffles, classics, etc.
"What is that you're listening to?" "It's an old shuffle." "Gawd, what an ipodasaurus!"
by DanGarPrius July 03, 2012
The proper etiquette when using teleconferencing applications. A code of polite behavior in an online meeting.
(leaf blower in the background) Chad, can you please mute your phone? Chad, CHAD! Dude, how about a little webexiquette, please? etiquetteteleconferenceonline behavior
by DanGarPrius June 01, 2016
Any earthquake below 5.0 on the Richter scale. Barely noticeable by Californians, hardly raises any attention by local news or social media.
4.7 is not an earthquake, it's an earthtwerk. Welcome to California!!!
by DanGarPrius March 17, 2014
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